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Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System

Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System

Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System    Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System
Top Flow Hydroponic Systems #4 XL. Please send us any special instructions regarding plant spacing and controller reservoir location and allow up to 2 weeks for your system to be custom built and sent to you. At this time all of our systems are custom built to customer specifications. Our hydroponic systems are modular, expandable, and entirely scalable. We can build anything from a single plant system for a first time hobbyist who wants the finest equipment available, all the way up to 24 or 48 plant site configurations for commercial applications. Please inquire about custom orders. The Top Flow Hydroponic Systems #4 XL includes. 5 gallon Root Management Containers. 8 Heavy Duty Net Pots.

3 UC Spin Tight Bulkheads. We are pleased to offer robust and durable 2 UC Spin Tight Bulkheads. Current Culture H2O has recently begun manufacturing these in California for their proprietary Under Current systems using 100% recycled Zenoy plastic. They are some of the best in the business for creating a seriously strong, watertight seal.

There are 2 connections per growth container, for a total of 8 bulkheads included on this 4-unit system build. 633 gallon per hour Eco Plus Submersible Water Pump. These pumps usually last for many years without ever having any issues. Powerful, quit, and reliable at 25 watts total.

General Hydroponics Dual Diaphragm Air Pump. Premium units that are whisper quiet and super powerful compared to cheaper, single diaphragm pumps! 20 liters of air per minute for only 8 watts of electricity is unreal. These are some of the highest quality air pumps on the market. Medium Round Eco Plus Air Stones.

These air stones are ideal for this application because theyre economical, heavy duty enough not to float or be easily disturbed, offer low resistance for air to pass through, and last a very long time. Adjustable Float Valve for Controller Reservoir. Keep your system topped off automatically using this float valve. It can be easily adapted to feed water directly from the tap, from a reservoir, or ideally from the output end of a reverse osmosis water filter. Simply undo the pump line, replace with drain hose, and connect a garden hose or water pump to automatically drain and replace nutrients in the entire system.

Entire setup process for an automatic nutrient change takes approximately 5 minutes. 30 Feet of Eco Plus Air Tubing. 20 Feet of ¾ Black Vinyl Tubing. The Advantages of Top Flow Hydroponic Systems with Clog-Proof Design. Magnificent heavy yields from each plant grown using these systems.

Engineered and tested by and for commercial growers in Santa Cruz, California and San Fransisco Bay area. All systems are hand crafted in The Golden State of California, USA. Produces incredibly white and healthy root systems.

Increases levels of dissolved oxygen through surface diffusion. Custom built systems of any size and plant spacing to exactly fit your needs. Fewer plants produce a higher yield. Lowest maintenance in the industry. Utilizes highest quality components from the hydroponics market. Will fit any growth space and lighting configuration. Innovative design and a superior quality at economic prices. Results far exceed industry standards.

PH and nutrient solution PPM/EC are consistent as nutrients circulate through the entire system. 24/7 super aerated nutrient circulation. Increased efficiency of nutrient solution uptake by plants. Sealed hydroponic systems prevents evaporation uses less water. Easy nutrient changes using a water pump and garden hose or reservoir.

Works well with water chillers and automatic nutrient / pH level adjusters. Whisper quiet air pumps and water pump. System setup and growing support available for all customers.

Use these cages to support the rapidly growing, super heavy yielding plants grown with our systems. Plants grown hydroponically often become top heavy and may require support.

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  • Type: Reciruclating Deep Water Culture (DWC or RDWC)
  • Brand: Top Flow Hydroponic Systems
  • Number of Pots/Sites: 4
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Growth Container Size: 13 Gallon (XL)
  • Reservoir Container Size: 13 Gallons (XL)
  • UC Spin Tight Bulkhead Size: 3 Inch (XL), 8 total

Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System    Top Flow Hydroponic Systems TF4XL 13 Gallon RDWC Hydro Grow System